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Performance Triathlon Coaching provides the CJTDA a training environment that ensures each athlete is learning and having fun. The aim is to develop confident skilled athletes while also teaching essential social skills such as good sportsmanship and respect, in addition to a good attitude to training and competition.

The CJTDA includes weekly training sessions of swim, bike, run and transitions, plus access to one of Triathlon Australia’s most accomplished junior development coach who has a focus on building the fundamental skills for athlete development.

Some juniors maybe a member of other Canberra or regional clubs and wish to be a part of the CJTDA. This is totally fine as we are wanting juniors to come together and train with other juniors aiming for the same goals. If you are Canberra based and a CJTDA member it just requires at least 1 training session a week with all Academy athletes outside of your own club training environment with the permission of your coach. If your are from interstate then we are hoping you can attend 1 weekend a month with the squad. Accommodation will be provided during your stay in Canberra from one of our local CJTDA members.

The CJTDA encourages kids to come and try triathlon to complement existing swimming, cycling or running training. The CJTDA supports athletes to continue their existing solo sport e.g. swimming, but merge the other sports into weekly training to provide athletes with the benefits of cross-training which will help with strength and skill development. Triathlon will provide you an avenue to pursue something different, fun and challenging into the future.

For ages 12-19 years as at 31 Dec 2021

Current Canberra Junior Triathlon Development Academy athletes:

  • Chloe Bateup
  • Shaun Harris
  • Taj Hutchinson
  • Josh Silverwood
  • Jack Young
  • Emma Kennard
  • Bonnie Young
  • Chloe Fenson