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Over 20 years experience

Established 2009

Performance Triathlon Coaching (PTC) was established over 10 years ago by Corey Bacon, a professional triathlon coach. PTC is the longest serving triathlon performance squad in Canberra and during this time has coached over 100 athletes from all levels, including novice athletes through to Paralympic Gold medallists, age group athletes, elites and junior athletes. PTC has been especially productive within the triathlon community having worked with athletes of all ages and levels.

PTC’s focus is for your personal improvement and is the key motivation for Coach Corey. It doesn’t matter what level you are he is invested in helping you to improve and reach your goals. All programming is tailored to the individual and their specific goals, with regular feedback to ensure your needs are met. If it is structure you want as well as a premium service delivered, then keep browsing and contact Coach Corey.

Athletes who are committed to the cause are consistent and complete what is required, will achieve great results. PTC is a team. A team of athletes who know that the sport of triathlon isn’t easy, they do know however, that the process is incredibly rewarding, and with the support and professionalism of their coach, improvements and goals will achieved.

You don’t have to be a great swimmer, cyclist or runner. Coach Corey will coach anyone with the right attitude and commitment to the sport. We keep it real and pride ourselves on our friendly, supportive environment and our goal oriented approach to each of the disciplines.

The team knows a strong commitment is expected, there is no sugar coating and if you choose to invest in PTC’s professional coach’s expertise then get in touch. Dedication, a strong mindset and drive is what you need to bring to the team.

The Coach


Corey Bacon is one of Australia’s leading performance coaches who thrives on developing athletes, and is committed to all athletes improvements. Corey spent 4 years (2012-16) working within the Triathlon Australia High Performance Program as the Head Coach of the Australian Paralympic Team and contributed to building a world class paratriathlon program.

All past and present athletes have achieved their results through Corey’s consistent commitment to their development. Corey understands that all athletes are different, and works with individuals to help them achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter what level you are, Corey has a passion for triathlon like no other.


  • Awarded – Australian Age Group Coach of the Year 2017 – Winner
  • Awarded – Paralympic Coach of the Year 2016  – Nominee
  • Awarded – Triathlon ACT Coach of the Year 2016  – Winner
  • Awarded – Australian Age Group Coach of the Year 2016 – Winner
  • Awarded – Triathlon ACT Coach of the Year 2015  – Nominee
  • Awarded – Australian Age Group Coach of the Year 2014 – Nominee
  • Awarded – Outstanding commitment and professionalism as Head Coach of the ACT Junior Triathlon Program 2008- 2013
  • Awarded – Outstanding achievement in Coaching – 2010 (ACT)
  • Awarded – Outstanding achievement in Coaching – 2009 (ACT)

PTC's Philosophy

  • Ensuring a safe, supportive and enjoyable training environment for all athletes is essential for success.
  • Consistently and systematically building athletes knowledge and triathlon specific skills is fundamental.
  • Rapport building with athletes is essential to maximise uptake of constructive positive feedback.
  • Supporting athletes to stay motivated and focus on both long and short term goals is essential.
  • Process over outcome.
  • Process leads to outcome.
  • Self-belief in athletes is vital and as a coach I actively support athletes to develop a positive sense of self belief and confidence to push their limits.
  • Recovery is essential and needs to be incorporated into programmes. The ability to stay healthy and uninjured is critical for success.
  • Athletes need to be taught to listen to their bodies and share post work-out training logs to maximise training success and progression.
  • The right training environment and correct guidance is essential to support athletes to develop determination, drive and selfmotivation.
  • Triathlon is a challenging sport requiring hard work across three disciplines. Mental toughness is key for success. Knowing athletes and what makes them tick is critical to developing their mental toughness and ability to challenge themselves in all aspects of the sport.
  • Educating athletes to conduct themselves in a professional manner, abide by the rules and regulations of the sport at all times is core business.


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