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Triathlon Program

Tri It! You'll Love It!

Little T's and Big T's Triathlon Training

Little T’s and Big T’s is a fun triathlon training program that introduces kids to the sport of triathlon and the only kids triathlon program of its kind in Canberra. Even if your son/daughter swims in a squad, cycles with a club or runs with a run group, or participate in other team sports they can still do triathlon. Little T’s and Big T’s gives them the opportunity to develop and learn a range of basic motor skills which can benefit their other sports.

Little T’s GUNGAHLIN opening soon

Term 3 Registration

Term 3 – 18 July to 25 september 2022 (10 weeks)

Term 4 Registration Opening 26 September 2022

Facebook Messenger is how we communicate so please like the Little T’s FB page and advise of your FB name and photo so we can add you to the group chat. This is for advising of changes to training or other important information coaches need to advise.


4 sessions per week (includes 2 x swims, 1 x Run and 1 x triathlon session

$— Not available Term 3

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Program Info

Swim – Tuesday and Thursday – 4.00-5.00pm – Stromlo Leisure Centre
Run – Friday – 4.15-5.00pm – Stromlo Forest Park (Cross Country Track)
Tri – Sunday – 3.00-4.15pm – Stromlo Leisure Centre

Note: due to no daylight savings, the run sessions will start at 4.15pm and will only be held for up to 6 weeks or less.

Swim only

2 swim sessions per week


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Program Info

Swim – Tuesday and Thursday – 4.00-5.00pm

Swim Only

1 swim session per week


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Program Info

Swim  – Tuesday or Thursday – 4.00-5.00pm

Triathlon Only
1 x triathlon

$— not available term 3

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Program Info

Tri – Sunday – 3.00-4.15pm

Note: fees do not include pool entry

For further information contact Corey here.

Little T's Triathlon
& Swimming

Little T’s combine triathlon & swimming to provide an opportunity to participate in 3 sports rather than one.

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Little T's

Swim squad coaching and technique across all strokes for our young active kids, keeping it fun, while challenging them every step of the way to become confident swimmers.

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Little T's

Swimming, riding bikes either on road or off road, running and learning the specific craft of transitions is all part of the fun kids get to enjoy as part this program.

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Big T's Triathlon

Big T's Triathlon is a entry level Triathlon Program that develops skills and technique across swim, bike and run. Regardless of your background come and give it ago. Do it for fitness or sign up for a local triathlon - all welcome.

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Looking at keeping the kids active and improving their swim, bike and run skills/technique. Join in the fun and register today for Term 2 starting 19 April 2021.

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Don’t miss out on our limited spots available for Term 3 Swimming 2022


Swimming Program 

18 July – 25 September 2022

Tuesday and Thursday (Swimming)
Stromlo Leisure Centre

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